21 Easy crafts and activities to keep your kids entertained this summer

The summer season is here and your little ones have a LOT of time on their hands. If you’re looking for some super-fun, super-simple summer activities or crafts to fill the holidays then look no further. Our epic guides and holiday tips are the perfect solution for when you’re running low on ideas.

Child jumping off of a bale of hay wearing a recycled bottle jet pack

Idea 1: Make a recycled-bottle space jet pack

Take off to the moon by turning some old soda bottles into jet blasters with our easy, step-by-step guide to making a space jet pack. It’s fun to make and fun to play with – so it’s a summer craft and an activity in one!

Illustration of a child blowing bubbles with a recycled bottle craft

Idea 2: Unleash the bubble snakes

Kids will love these bubble blowers! Take an old plastic bottle, a mesh fruit bag and some dishwashing liquid and you can make your very own bubble blower. Perfect fun for the garden!

Illustrated guide to star-gazing

Idea 3: Backyard stargazing

Make the most of the warm summer evenings, get the family together and turn your inflatable paddling pool into an EPIC stargazing pit. Throw in a bunch of blankets, duvets and pillows and you’ve the perfect vantage point to try and spot some cool constellations. Don’t forget to bring some hot chocolate!

Idea 4: The watermelon jiggler recipe

Hollow out a watermelon (keep the insides for fruit salad), fill with jelly and chill. When it’s firm you can slice it up and serve as a refreshing snack. The kids will love to help make the jelly, and will enjoy the treat too! For more information take a look at our FREE Summer Activity Pack

Children outdoors looking at bugs through a magnifying glass

Idea 5: Go on a scavenger hunt

There are loads of epic places to visit outdoors and great things to see on your doorstep. Use our handy guide to make your own scavenger hunt map and start collecting interesting keepsakes.

Recycled plastic bottle planters with faces and cactuses

Idea 6: Make your own recycled plastic bottle planters

A quick and fun DIY project to jazz up your plants with these recycled plastic bottle planters. There’s nothing more EPIC than turning something old into something new and cool!

Craft Elephant Puppet Behind

Idea 7: Create your own elephant marionette

Transform a milk bottle into a magnificent elephant marionette, and then put on a show for your family. Not keen on elephants? No problem. You can create pretty much any animal you like following our step-by-step guide.

Illustrated home-made apple monsters

Idea 8: Apple monster snacks

Take two apple slices, some peanut butter, a few Rice Krispie pieces and a grape (sliced in half), and create your own apple monsters. Eat them before they eat you!

A girl and boy making a forest fort in the woods

Idea 9: Build a woodland summer den

There are lots of different types of dens to make. Some are simple, some are more complex, but all are great fun to build. Our complete guide to forest forts and woodland dens will take you all the way through planning, building and decorating your outdoor fortress. What better way to spend the summer than in the great outdoors!

Washing line pegs turned into aeroplanes

Idea 10: Aeroplane clothes pegs

Decorate your clothes pegs with a wings and a tail and watch them take to the skies when you hang your washing in the garden. You could even stick a magnet to the bottom of them and attach them to the fridge.

A child holding a painted stone

Idea 11: Painted treasure rocks

Have you tried painting rocks? Find some nice shiny ones in the garden or park, paint them with a jazzy design or a face, and use them to decorate your home… or leave them around your town to put a smile on people’s faces.

A young girl making a terrarium

Idea 12: Make a terrarium mini-garden

A terrarium is like an aquarium for plants – one that you can design however you like and change it to match the seasons. To get you started, checkout our DIY guide to making your own terrarium at home.

Milk-carton bird house illustration

Idea 13: Turn a milk carton into a birdhouse

Give the little garden birds a place to nest and feed by recycling an old milk carton into a birdhouse. Our DIY guide shows you how easy it can be to create a home for nature.

Epic adventure guide pack

Idea 14: Water-pistol painting

Get outdoors this summer, find the Super-Soaker and fill it with liquid watercolour paints. Then find a safe place in the garden for the kids to let loose on an easel and paper. It’s fun. It’s chaotic. It’s what summer is all about! See our free summer activity pack for more great ideas.

Idea 15: Make some banana-split bites

A tasty, fruit snack, made from banana, strawberries and pineapple, that’s easy to put together and perfect for summer days in the garden. For more cheeky snacks and fun summer activities see our free downloadable Summer Activity Pack.

Illustrated wind-chimes made from recycled tins

Idea 16: Tin can wind chimes

Decorate some old tins in bright colours. Poke a hole in the bottom of each tin and insert string. Then hang your tins together and wait for some wind to start off a melody.

Illustration of a bean pole teepee

Idea 17: Grow your own beanpole teepee

Fancy growing your own vegetables and creating a fun den to play in at the same time? Then this summer activity is for you. Assemble some garden canes into a teepee shape and tie together at the top with garden wire. Attach some twine between the poles to give your seedlings something to cling to, and bury the bottom of your teepee into the ground. Plant your bean seeds, water and watch them grow!

Idea 18: Make a paper tube koi carp

Recycle your old toilet paper or kitchen towel tubes into beautiful koi carp creations. A simple and fun summer craft for when you’re feeling arty.

Recipe Cherry Lolly

Idea 19: Chore and adventure ice lollies

It can be hard to get kids to do chores willingly. So why not mark your summer ice lolly sticks with chores, jokes and adventures so that when your children enjoy a refreshing treat, they get a little something in return.

Illustration of sponges turned into sponge bombs for summer water fights

Idea 20: Make sponge water bombs

Cut rectangular sponges into strips and bundle together. Fix with a hairband to create a spikey ball shape. Soak in water and let the family water bomb war commence!

Illustrated guide to spotting birds

Idea 21: Go birdwatching

There are loads of different types of birds that visit your garden on a regular basis. Why not sit outside and try to spot them. Use our useful guide above to help the kids learn which bird is which.

So, there are a few ideas to get you going this summer. But whatever you end up doing, we hope you have the best ever summer and that it is well and truly EPIC!

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