How to make a recycled plastic bottle, Space Jet Pack!

All good space explorers need a jet pack – it’s their number one bit of kit. But I bet you didn’t realise just how easy it is to make one. Our simple how-to guide will show you how to recycle some old plastic soda bottles into jet blasters.

What you will need

  • Plastic bottles – 2 litre bottles are the perfect size
  • Felt or Card – Red, orange and yellow, like fire
  • Cardboard – A square to stick the bottles to
  • Elastic Straps – If you don’t have elastic then old tights will do just fine
  • Paint or Coloured Tape – To decorate your jet pack (we chose silver)

Ready? Let’s get making…


Remove the lids from two 2L plastic bottles and put to one side. Paint or cover the bottles to look like the jet fuel containers of your jet pack. We used silver tape to cover our bottles as it’s quicker and less messy than using paint.

Then cover a square or rectangle of cardboard in black tape or paint.

Recycled plastic soda bottles and materials for making the soda bottle jet pack


Cut two large flame shapes out of red felt (or card), and then cut two slightly smaller flame shapes out of orange felt. Now do this for a third time with a piece of yellow felt. Glue one red, one orange and one yellow flame into each bottle opening.

Paper and materials for making the jetpack flames


Using hot glue or tape, stick the two bottles to the cardboard, leaving a small gap between them.

Plastic bottle jet pack with back straps and paper flames attached


Cut four holes in the cardboard square, one in each corner. Then feed your elastic straps (or tights) through the holes, using hot glue to secure them to the cardboard (watch those fingers!).

Now your little space explorer is ready to go on an epic adventure! 🚀😊

Soda bottle jetpack with straps