Make your own recycled, plastic bottle planters

A quick and fun DIY project that lets you use recycled plastic bottles for something good. Create your own planter, add on a face, and watch your new friend’s hair grow!

What you will need

  • Plastic bottles – 2 litre bottles are perfect, but any will do
  • Scissors – To cut the bottles down to size
  • Google eyes – To give your planter a face
  • A nail – To make holes in the bottle

Ready? Let’s get making…


Cut the bottom off of a plastic bottle. With a nail make 2 or 3 holes in the base so that water can drain away when you water your plant. This will stop the plant from drowning.

Materials for making a recycled plastic bottle planter


Glue on the googly eyes with super glue or hot glue. You can also use the bottle cap as a nose. Be as creative as you like.

We added pipe cleaner arms and eye stalks for that extra epic touch. 😊

Plastic bottle planters part made with recycled materials


Fill the containers with soil almost to the top (leave about 1 cm) and cover with a layer of seeds (bird seed, chia seeds or cress), then cover with another layer of soil.

Keep the soil moist and in a couple of days your plants will start to grow. Or alternatively, plant with a fully-grown succulent like we did!

Recycled plastic bottle planters with faces and cactuses