Chore and adventure lollies

We know it can be hard to get the kids to do their chores willingly. That’s where our EPIC ice lollies come in. Some are marked with chores, some with jokes, some with adventures and some are blank – so when the little ones enjoy an icy treat they get a little something in return.

What you will need

  • Lolly sticks – You can buy them at most craft stores
  • Yogurt pot or paper cup – Empty and clean of course
  • Marker pen – To write your chores and adventures on the sticks
  • Fruit juice – Orange, apple or pineapple are great choices
  • Fruit – Berries, banana, orange, and mango add a bit of texture
  • Yogurt – For an extra creamy lolly

Ready? Let's get making...


Write a few chores on some lolly sticks. Things like ‘Tidy bedroom’, ‘Empty dishwasher’, ‘Hoover living room’ are great starters. Then write a few adventure topics on some other lolly sticks – these could be things like ‘Treasure Hunt’, ‘Cardboard tunnels’.


Fill your clean and empty yogurt pots (or lolly moulds if you have them) with either juice or yogurt and add fruit if you want to. YUM!

Recipe Apricot Lolly


Put your lollies in the freezer – make sure they are upright and unlikely to topple over. Depending on the ingredients your lollies should take about 6-8 hours to freeze.


About halfway through freezing, insert your lolly sticks into the mixture and pop back into the freezer. You can poke the sticks through an upturned paper cupcake case or a sheet of foil to hold them in place.


Once frozen they’re ready to enjoy. Have your little ones pick a lolly at random – then once they’ve finished their icy treat, they’ll see if they’ve received a chore, an adventure or a joke.


If you’re planning on saving your lollies for a while, wrap them in baking parchment to avoid freezer burn and store in individual airtight freezer bags.