Summer Crafts and Activities for Children

School’s out for summer! It’s time to get out and about and have some EPIC adventures.

Life’s hectic and the summer sometimes feels like it lasts forever. If you need some help planning fun kids activities that will keep your little ones busy throughout the holidays look no further.

children outdoors, surrounded by flowers and woods

Keep the kids entertained with our Summer Activity Pack

Crammed full of easy crafts and activities, our downloadable activity pack combines all the things that will help stimulate and challenge developing minds.

Get stuck into some handy snacks like our ‘Munchie Necklace’ and the refreshing ‘Jelly Watermelon Jiggler’. Try your hand at ‘Water Pistol Painting’, or start a DIY project like making your own ‘Bird Feeder’. Plus, our drawing guides and on-the-go travel activities mean you can take the fun with you even if you’re stuck on a plane, train or car journey.

Introducing 'My Epic Summer Journal'

Every child needs a record of their exploits – a journal of their summer adventures and memories. Our Epic Summer Journal encourages kids to log their adventures and take note of their explorations.

Jam-packed with secret ciphers, fantastical creatures and high-quality activity ideas the journal includes prompts on each page for field notes and creative musings.

If your little ones love doodling, writing and collecting things, or have been tasked by their teachers to keep a track of what they do during their summer break, then our Epic Summer Journal is just what you need!

For more great summer activity ideas, why not take a look at our latest 2019 Summer Activities and Crafts downloadable PDF!

And if that doesn’t keep you busy, we’ve a list of 21 EPIC summer ideas that are just perfect for keeping the kids entertained.

Whatever you’re up to we hope you have a sizzling summer!

The Epic Adventures Team!