Children's adventure journal front cover

An adventure diary and activity scrapbook for 5-10 year olds

The Epic Adventurer’s Journal

Help your little one learn that true adventure can be found anywhere they’d like it to be. Jump in feet first with The Epic Adventurer’s Journal – a scrapbook of imagination, curiosity and adventure.

The journal includes:


Including a Travel Planner and Adventure Planner.


Uncover strange creatures and odd goings on… our Bestiary will help spark your child’s imagination!


Encourage your child to log their adventures, take photos and reach for the stars!

Battle Slugs (2 player game)

Little Battleships, only slimier…

Collection Pages

For sticking souvenirs, mementoes and keepsakes.

Observation Pages

Lots of room for sketches, rubbings and curious findings.

Field Notes

Perfect for when you’re out and about and need to get down important field notes, or use at the end of the day to trap those adventure filled memories!

How to Create a Comic Strip

Hints, tips and templates.

Draw a Secret Underground Base

Design the tunnels that lead to your own secret hideout.

My Bookshelf

This planner will help encourage your child to start a reading list, and what better place to start an adventure than with a book?

Secret Code Wheel + Secret Notes

Learn how to write coded messages to your friends.

Epic Challenges

Encourage a growth mindset, set goals and nurture your little one’s curiosity.

Perfect for kids who love scrapbooking, as well as those who need a little kick-start, the journal includes prompts on each page for field notes and creative musings. Your child will learn how to plan and log their holiday adventures, build up a collection, and make new discoveries, while offering high-quality activity ideas as inspiration for slower days.

At 6” X 9” and with 100 full colour pages, there’s plenty of room explore, play, discover and live life to the fullest.

This Summer Journal for kids is perfect for:

Boys and girls

that love to doodle, draw, write, collect stuff, and… have fun!


that want their kids to make the most of their childhood, giving them the tools they need to live their best life – from growing their confidence, to expressing their inner thoughts and feelings, to developing their spirit for adventure.


that are looking to motivate their students into keeping a log of their holiday activities, providing a platform for everything from creative development to practicing their handwriting.