Why we're doing what we're doing...

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if everything in the world was EPIC? If there was always something for the kids to be excited about, from re-enacting their favourite scenes in the playground, to arguing the benefits of a potato best friend on the way to the dentist…

As parents, aunts, and uncles ourselves, we’re driven by both a love of dynamic storytelling, and a desire to help build a positive digital foundation for young families.

And so Epic Adventures was born.

A small team of dedicated grown-ups, we’re setting out to create a range of products and activities aimed at encouraging childrens’ imaginations through reading, adventure and craft – delivered in a format that is more compelling for the young generations.

Our goal? To make the future just a little bit better. One step at a time. Creating balanced individuals with an outlook on life that is truly EPIC!

Contact Us

If you need help with anything, would like to talk about any exciting projects you’re doing, or you just want to meet Mr Pots, we’re always happy to hear from you!