What if we could inspire our children to find the EPIC in the everyday?

Opening their eyes to imagination, creativity and possibilities...

Opening the door to adventure.

Epic Adventures offers children a healthy balance of exciting digital and real-world fun. From a wide selection of free craft and activity resources, to our FREE interactive story app, 'Havoc in a Hippo', purposely designed to help get the digital generation reading, instead of playing mindless games.

An adventure diary and activity scrapbook for 5-10 year olds

Every child needs a record of their exploits – a journal of their summer adventures. Jam-packed with activity ideas, writing prompts and scrapbooking spaces, there’s room to document your whole summer break. Perfect for back-to-school assignments or as a memory keepsake.

An adventure diary and activity scrapbook for 5-10 year olds

Whether you’re hitting the road on a big adventure, taking to the skies on an unforgettable family vacation, or just exploring your own backyard, keep a record of every moment in our Epic Travel Journal.

FREE interactive story app for 5-9 year olds

A rip-roaring adventure story for children who are more likely to play games than read books. With 6 chapters and 3500 words, Havoc in a Hippo helps use their screen time in a more productive manner.

Kids Crafts & Activities

Stuck for things to do with your kids?

We’ve everything from How To’s and Adventure Guides to free Holiday Activity Packs – perfect for long car journeys!

A selection of back to school craft activities for kids

5 Easy Back to School Crafts for Kids

5 EPIC crafts to get your little ones excited and ready to go back to school. This step-by-guide uses material from home, making having fun easy.

Summer scene showing a child outside with a summer craft and activity pack
Activity pack

Summer Activity Pack for Kids 2019

Make the most of your summer holidays with our FREE Activity Pack, crammed full of cool kids crafts, tasty recipes and epic activities.

Imagination. Curiosity. Discovery. Play

The drive for adventure is a natural part of children’s lives, of what makes them who they are. It stimulates and challenges them, allowing for play and development – emotionally, physically and intellectually.

However, if we don’t provide an outlet for adventure, it will often find its own course. And whether through mobiles, TV or games consoles, children will find the easiest, but not always most productive, way to get their fix.

We believe that true adventure can be found wherever you’d like to find it – in the places you’d least expect.

Because adventure is a mindset. A different way of looking at the world. And our biggest adventures are built through imagination, creative expression (whether on or offline, indoors or outdoors), and in it’s simplest forms, through reading and storytelling.

For us, it’s about connecting with our children through a balance of activities – real world and digital – whilst giving them the tools to cope with life… ready for wherever their adventures may lead them.

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