Make a Terrarium mini-garden

A terrarium is like an aquarium for plants. You can plant your terrarium to look however you like and you can change it to match the seasons.

What you will need

  • Clear glass container – You could use a goldfish bowl, a cookie jar, or a vase
  • Rocks – Around marble size to fit in your container
  • Activated charcoal – To filter the water and help prevent growth of fungi
  • Potting soil – Sterilised, for your plants to grow in
  • Small plants – Different colours, shapes and textures
  • Fun decorations – Tiny pine cones, shells, ceramic animals or a garden gnome

Ready? Let's get gardening...


Before you start, make sure your glass container is clean. Then add a layer of rocks (about one inch or so deep) – these will help with soil drainage, so the roots of your plants won’t get water logged.


Add a ½ inch thick layer of charcoal. Then fill the container up to half-full with potting soil.


Next it’s time to plant your plants. Carefully tease the roots apart and arrange them so that they look nice. But remember to leave some space for them to breathe and grow. Then pat down the soil.


Add your decorative pebbles, rocks, pinecones or other items to make your terrarium look like a miniature garden world. Remember to water your plants, but not too much.

Terrarium illustration