Easy Father's Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Show your dad how much he means to you!

Whether you’re a mum trying to make Father’s Day as special as possible, or a dad looking for fun things to do with your little ones, we thought you might like some help with a few easy crafts and activities that will keep your kids busy.

A father and his children

Make the day special with our FREE Father's Day Activity Pack

Packed full of easy crafts and activities, our FREE downloadable activity pack combines all the things that will help stimulate and challenge developing minds.

Make dad some tasty treats with our ‘Breakfast Bacon Bowls’ recipe. Craft him a beautiful ‘Painted Heart’ keepsake, or design your own ‘Chocolate Bar Father’s Day Card’. Plus, our colouring sheets mean you can show off your art skills too!

Whatever you’re up to, we hope your fathers have a lovely day.

The Epic Adventures Team!

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