Make a tooth fairy treasure chest

There be some treasure in yer mouth that the pirate tooth fairy is seeking. So if you’ve got wobbly gnashers, you could make a lot of gold!

Get creative with this egg-box treasure chest – the perfect place to store your toothy booty. You can try different colours and decorations to suit your little one’s style

What you will need

  • Egg box – Preferably without the eggs 😛
  • Paint – Whatever colour you want – we chose brown and silver
  • Paintbrush – And some water
  • Decorations – Gems, jewels and stickers
  • Glue – Hot glue, superglue or double-sided tape
  • Cotton wool – Or tissue paper, to line the inside of your chest

Ready? Let’s get making…


Make sure your eggbox is clean and free of eggs. Paint the entire box in the colour of your choice. We chose brown to give it the look of wood and added some wood-grain details on top in black pen.

Paint the egg box


Next up you can add a little more detail, like the silver edging and lock. Add jewels, gems, stickers, or whatever you like to customise your treasure chest lid. Remember, this is yours to decorate however you like.

Glue jewels on the painted egg box


Inside, fill the box with cotton wool or tissue paper so that it’s nice and soft to hold your toothy treasures. Place your teeth in the chest, shut it tight and wait for the pirate tooth fairy to make an appearance.

Add teeth to the treasure chest


Take a nap and the next morning you may find some new treasures of your own!

Coins in a tooth treasure chest