Make some festive tree decorations

Ho Ho Ho! Give your home a little Christmas spirit with these fun tree decorations. Don’t have a tree? Not to worry – you can hang them off anything, or even give them as presents.

What you will need

  • Coloured felt, foam or paper – Lots of different colours!
  • Ribbon – Any colour you like
  • Scissors – Careful! You will need an adult to help you here
  • Marker pen – For the little details
  • Glue – Hot glue, super glue or PVA
  • PDF templates – Download below
  • Wool – As jazzy as you want
  • Googlie eyes – To make faces

Make a hanging paper Villi


Download and print out the Villi template. Cut out the shapes from the template in felt or paper.

Illustrated Villi Bauble Template


Decorate each Villi – maybe a cozy winter scarf, or a woolly hat. You could even add googly eyes for a little extra fun.

Illustrated creatures


Fold each Villi and stick one half of the back to another Villi. Continue until they are all stuck together. Add a ribbon to hang it up and it’s done!

Glue and illustrated Villi Bauble

Make an EPIC pom-pom bauble


Cut Pom-Pom maker shapes out of cardboard. Wrap wool around the cardboard until it’s covered.

PomPom Maker


Insert your scissors in between the two pieces of cardboard and cut around. Wrap another piece of wool around the Pom-Pom and tie.

Cutting string on PomPoms


Slide the cardboard disks off and you now have a bauble. Decorate it how you like. We’ve made a Richard bauble.

Decorating PomPoms with eyes

Make a festive chain


Cut felt or coloured paper into strips about 3cm wide and 20cm long.

Coloured Paper Strips


Curl a strip of paper around to make a loop and stick the ends together with glue. Feed another strip through your new loop and glue together.

Glue and Paper strip


Add links one at a time until you have a long paper chain. Once you have a chain – decorate it with creatures – we have a template to start you off in the PDF.

Paper Chain Decoration