Make your pancakes EPIC!

There’s loads you can do to make your favourite pancakes more interesting. Forget lemon and sugar, why not add a chocolate cookie and make a pancake burger. Or go savoury and create a pancake pizza. The possibilities are endless…

What you will need

  • Pancakes – For a thicker pancake use buttermilk and self-raising flour
  • White chocolate – One bar for grating and one bar for melting
  • Desiccated coconut – To dye green for the lettuce in your pancake burger
  • Chocolate cookies – You can buy or make your own
  • Food colouring – Red, yellow and green
  • Icing sugar – To make the ketchup and mustard for your pancake burger
  • Assorted sweets – Chocolate spread, jam, beans, jelly babies, laces, buttons
  • Pizza toppings – Tomato puree, mushrooms, cheese, ham, chicken, pepperoni

Ready? Let's build a burger!


Colour the coconut with green food colouring to make it look like lettuce. Colour one bowl of icing sugar with red food colouring, and another with yellow to make your ‘ketchup’ and ‘mustard’.

Food Colouring Icing Illustration


Melt a little chocolate and spread onto a pancake. Press a cookie on top. Then add a little more chocolate, and another cookie. These are your burgers!

Cookie Burger Illustration


Drizzle over your icing sugar sauces, sprinkle on the coconut ‘lettuce’ and finish with a pancake ‘bun’. You can even add a few sesame seeds if you have any to make it look authentic. Bon appetite!

Cookie Burger Pancake Illustration

P-P-P-Pizza time!


Firstly, choose whether you are going to make a savoury or sweet pancake pizza. If you choose sweet, cover a pancake in strawberry jam or chocolate spread. If you choose savoury, try tomato puree.

Pizza Pancake Illustration


For a sweet pizza, sprinkle grated white chocolate on top of the jam or chocolate spread. For a savoury pizza, sprinkle grated cheese over the tomato puree.

Pizza Cheese Pancake Illustration


Finish off your pizza with your favourite toppings. Sweet pizzas are great with chocolate buttons, jelly babies or chocolate beans. Savoury pizzas taste brilliant with ham, mushrooms, pepperoni or peppers.

Sweet Savoury Pizza Illustration