Adult journal front cover and calendar

A journal, diary and creative notebook for grown-ups

Life is an adventure

Adventures aren’t just for the young – they’re for the young at heart too! Our grown-up journal is for adults looking to explore each day with fresh eyes, find new ways to organise their life, and not leave all the fun to the kids!

Contents include:

  • 2020 calendar
  • Weekly diary spreads
  • Monthly calendar and goals
  • Friends and family birthday planner
  • Savings targets
  • Sleep chart
  • Mood tracker and relaxation guide
  • Things I am grateful for
  • Exercise and health tips
  • Bucket lists
  • Favourite books, music and TV
  • Travel planning
  • Inspirational quotes
  • End of year review

A mix somewhere between bullet journal and traditional diary, this beautifully illustrated journal gives you a head start in planning and documenting your days. Designed to nurture creativity, mindfulness and self-motivation, each of the 200+ pages have been thoughtfully chosen and crafted to give you the space and direction you need to plan your life.

Take notes, draw doodles, brainstorm and get inspired – whether you’re planning your travels, charting your sleep patterns or creating a bucket list – there’s lots to do and plenty of space to do it.

This journal is perfect for people who:

  • Love the idea of a bullet journal but wouldn’t know where to start.
  • Enjoy writing, drawing and doodling, and want to learn how to incorporate that into their planning.
  • Want to try a slightly different and more creative way of journaling.
  • Are looking for the perfect birthday, graduation or Christmas gift for friends and family.