The Spud Soldiers, childrens book front cover

A beautifully printed picture book for 4-8 year olds

Spud Soldiers

Join a band of courageous Villi – the loveable rogues from ‘Havoc in a Hippo’, the FREE interactive app – as they dare to venture through a magical bedroom door and out into our world. Then watch as the sleepy town of Cobbleton is thrown into chaos!

Spud Soldiers is the perfect entry point for younger readers into the EPIC Adventures multiverse.

Seeing things differently

Spud Soldiers turns the everyday upside down, helping your children appreciate the world from a different perspective, creating Epic Adventures from the things we usually take for granted.

Perfect for small hands and days out

Measuring 8.5” x 7.5″, with 32 pages and a soft matt cover, Spud Soldiers is the perfect size for taking with you on a day out or road trip.

Little heroes with a BIG attitude

In between stealing potatoes from the market, raiding the local corner shop and joining a puppy for some pampering, the Villi learn what it means to be… different.

*Havoc in a Hippo is available to download for free from both the App Store and Google Play – no subscription or payment necessary.

FREE interactive story app for 5-9 year olds

A rip-roaring adventure story for children who are more likely to play games than read books. With 6 chapters and 3500 words, Havoc in a Hippo helps use their screen time in a more productive manner.

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