The town of Cobbleton has been called a lot of things in its time – a medieval market place, a smugglers hideaway, and even Beach of the Year 1958 – but to Oscar and Hugo it will always be ‘the dullest place on earth’. Yet this sleepy seaside town has some secrets…

Where it all began

Where it all began

Since the days of the dinosaurs Cobbleton has been a place where weird things have happened.

Some say the mysteries started after a meteor storm over 65 million years ago, when a young diplodocus found a strange smoke emerging from one of the craters. It just so happened that the meteorite crash had created a portal to different worlds!

Fast forward a little

Fast forward a little

The world changed a lot over the next 64 million years, but one thing remained the same. In the exact spot where that meteorite had landed, strange things continued to happen. There may not have been a crater there anymore, but people who knew would travel for miles to see the magic beneath the grass.

Off with your head!

Off with your head!

Now this is when things started to get really odd. In 1536, Henry VIII, originally from Cobbleton, and fresh from chopping off another wife’s head, revealed himself to be a robot! He declared that only robots should be allowed to rule… no one’s quite sure if that ever changed?

World War Weird

World War Weird

So you’ve probably heard the story that on Christmas Day 1914 in the midst of World War 1, both sides stopped fighting for a good old game of footy. But did you know that these weren’t any old soldiers – the game was between the 5th Cobbleton Regiment and their German counterparts. Cobbleton won of course – but they may have had a little extra help?

Nowadays, Cobbleton seems – well, there’s only one way to describe it – a bit BORING. But in the bedroom of number 28 Franklin Drive, two brothers will discover exactly why Cobbleton is not as dull as it seems… *spoiler*  it involves a magic door!


Meet the characters

Oscar children's stories character


Now he’s turned seven, Oscar feels he’s ready to explore the big wide world. Brave, loyal and a little bit bossy – he knows what he wants and how to get it. And although Hugo gets on his nerves sometimes, he would never leave his little brother behind.

Hugo children's stories character


A typical 4 ¾ year old, Hugo is inquisitive, impatient and sometimes a little silly. He’s got a heart of gold and will always do what he can to lend a hand. But this helpfulness is often what gets him into all sorts of trouble.

Mr Pots children's stories character

Mr Pots

Saved from the compost heap by Hugo, Mr Pots quickly became the younger brother’s best friend. A plain old potato by day, he only comes to life when they go through their magic bedroom door at night. Watch out for Mr Pots – he can be very mischievous!

Join them on their adventures


Havoc in a Hippo

Through the magic door in their bedroom, Oscar and Hugo embark on a journey into the depths of a humungous hippo. It’s all about to get very interesting!


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