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Wouldn’t it be brilliant if everything in the world was EPIC? If there was always something for the kids to be excited about, from re-enacting their favourite scenes in the playground, to arguing the benefits of a potato best friend on the way to the dentist…

All it takes is a little imagination to open doors we didn’t even know were there. With it we can unlock the potential in children to embrace curiosity, dream big, and be better citizens of the world.


And so, Epic Adventures was born.

The adventure story books were driven by our love of dynamic storytelling and a desire to help build a positive digital foundation for young families. This means instilling positive behaviours in our children from an early age – from why and how they use digital, to the way they connect with others online ­ the key is in how they’re introduced to the medium, the content they’re exposed to, and the balance it has with the physical world.

For starters, we don’t believe that reading should be the most boring thing you can do on an iPad. But nor should e-books be crammed with games in the hope that kids will become addicted.

By capturing the attention of a generation hooked on technology and, what seems to us oldies, a generation that is more and more averse to actual play, we’re looking to free the spirit of adventure in every child and unleash it within the worlds we’ve created.

Our aim? To make the future just a little bit better. One step at a time. Creating balanced individuals with an outlook on life that is truly EPIC.


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